Ryan Hubbard

I recently discovered the poster shop on 1stDibs, and dang that I’m gonna get myself into trouble there. Here are some that caught my eye today, nothing profound or particularly smart to say about them apart from that it is a nice reminder of how powerful an arresting image can be. That, at it’s core, is what drew me to design in the first place, and it’s nice to get back to that now and then. This “FOOTBALL” poster is a particular fave. Just…dang.

A quick one today from Muriel Cooper’s monograph published by MIT press (naturally). From Lisa Strausfeld’s foreword (emphasis mine):

From Muriel, I learned to separate design and technology conversations. This may sound antithetical to what you would expect of an MIT Media Lab professor, but Muriel was known in the VLW for, essentially, forbidding technology conversations. She knew they needed to happen but insisted (often with an index finger on an outstretched arm pointing to the door) that they take place “in another room.” She focused the important dialogue on design, narrative, and human experience. Technology wasn’t unimportant or unconsidered, but its role was clearly in service of something other than itself.

Every step, sketch, iteration and refinement that led us to the final logotype for our most recent publication, LEVEL.

Since early 2019, Medium has launched seven new anchor publications, and each of those publications has a graphic identity designed to support the subjects they cover and the unique characteristics that each represent.

The most important component of each of these identities is the logotype. Here we’ll take you through…

Ryan Hubbard

Design Director at Fuzzco. Prev. lead Brand Design at Medium.

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